Privacy Cafe 001 @ MILL (Lisbon)

Image privacy-cafe-mill-feb2020

Want to know how your life is being regularly and consistently surveilled? Understand the risks and learn how to protect yourself and your community.

Join us for an afternoon of discussions and hands-on activities to better understand the world of mass surveillance, and to learn about basic tools you can use to protect your privacy, anonymity and overall security online without requiring any previous knowledge on the topic or technical background.

Bring your own devices! Help will be provided to those who want to try some of the tools that will be discussed. During these workshops you will learn how to reclaim your data and protect yourself in the age of mass surveillance.

Some of the topics you can encounter at this edition of the Privacy Cafe:

  • How Internet works
  • Circumventing censorship
  • Introduction to Tor
  • How to access websites via Tor
  • Learn about metadata and how to remove them from images and others files
  • What is a VPN and how (not) to use it
  • Password managers and secure passwords
  • Alternative app stores for software that promotes your freedom
  • Tracking and digital surveillance
  • Secure messaging without server dependencies
  • Free/Libre Open Source Software alternatives to surveillance capitalism
  • Creating your security plan (threat model).

Date: Saturday, 15 February, 2020
Time: 15:00 - 20:00
Location: MILL, Calçada do Moinho de Vento, 14B, 1150-236 Lisboa

Some workshops will be conducted in English and others in Portuguese, depending on the speaker, but these will happen in parallel so that there is always an alternative.

Want to propose a topic, workshop or otherwise help out? Great! You can reach us through the following channels: