TailsOS: the USB stick that helps Jounalists and Whistleblowers

imagem do workshop

TailsOS is an east to use operating system, designed for those who need additional levels of privacy protection. It is used by Journalists, Whistleblowers and some citizens who want to inscrase their privacy. To use it one one only needs a computer and a USB stck. Once removed, it will leave no traces of its existence.

In the workshop we’ll install TailsOS on a USB Stick and use the system.


Each participant should bring a laptop and a 8GB or more USB stick, if possible.

When & Where?

15th August 2018 at 3pm until 5pm Free event no registration required

Biblioteca dos Coruchéus Rua Alberto Oliveira 1700-019 Lisboa (Freguesia de Alvalade)


  • Francisco - francisco.core at protonmail.com
  • Kevin - kevin.gallagher at nyu.edu