Talk: Passwords and Compartmentalização

(nota: o evento será em inglês)

Just a week ago we saw a big password leak - 773 million accounts, but it looks like the leak was just an aggregation of previous data breaches. The reality is that there is a daily trade of user logins in huge volumes. Most certainly people around us were affected and possibly even some of our accounts are in some of these breaches. We’ll be diving into how we can make our passwords more secure and in the second part, we’ll be exploroing how we can use compartmentalization to make sure that once personal logins leak in one service, it does not compormise the rest of our accounts.

no prior knowledge is required

Join us there!

When and Where?

Free event, open for all - 29th Jan 2019 at 18:30:00-21:00

Location: The Block Cafe | Rua Latino Coelho 63, 1er andar 1050 - 133 Lisbon, Portugal

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