Welcome Pack

Hey, Welcome to PrivacyLx!

This is the welcome pack and it will go over the basic stuff of how the organization works who does what and how can you help.

What is PrivacyLx about?

The association aims to defend digital privacy and digital security as fundamental rights for a free society through education, research and development of tools and service for its protection. You can find more about us here.

Currently we’re most active in organizing events and creating educational material. Furthermore we are creating campaigns and compiled a list of ideas that with a bit more collaboration can be brought to life. You can find more about this by looking at the action category of our forum.

How can I help?

We always need help, read through this section to find out how you can help us. Also do not hesitate to ask us if you can help us in other such as providing us with a physical space, or a server that we can use, etc.

Help is always appreciated.


If you have a special skill, interested in a specific topic, want to host an event or simply propose something, feel free to present your idea or have a look on other ideas by visiting this section of our forum.

You are always welcome to join us to the events too, of course!

We are in need of a physical space in Lisbon, please contact us if you can offer us a space that we can occasionally use to make events and work together.


We’re a community of people that dearly care about a cause. By being an active and welcoming member you make the community’s heart beat. The forum is our main virtual home. For sure you’ll find here many are interesting conversations and you’re very much welcome to participate.

If you have questions about anything, you may contact the moderators at our forum, just message @moderators or send an email to: contact at privacylx.org

Educational Materials

We’ve been publishing a series of slides that we’ve used throughout our presentations. Feel free to propose any other material that you may find useful in either Portuguese or English. The best place to do so is the learning category of the forum.


There are always research ideas and proposals, please have a look at the following sections of the forum to get started:


Do you have a call project or idea that you would like to develop then please talk to us. Also if you would like to help improve our code in the services we are using please have a look at our open issues.


We self-host our infrastructure. We use software that automates the deployment, configuration and managements of our infrastructure and all our code and deployment tools can be found in our git repository. Currently we host a website, our forum, our mailserver and BigBlueButton. If you have knowledge of system administration or would like to learn don’t hesitate to have a look at our configurations and open issues in our issue tracker.

We are in need of a physical server or server collocation to a datacenter in Portugal that we can host a Tor relay exit node, please contact us if you can help us with that.


If you still want to help us and you haven’t anything that sparks your interest perhaps you can look on the unanswered posts of our forum or perhaps have a look at the bureaucratic tasks that we need help with. Furthermore you can help us to improve our website here you can find the website tasks that are not strictly related to development or system administration.

Know your way around the forum

So by now you’ve probably figured that the forum is where most online things happen. So let’s take a look at it’s various categories:

  • PrivacyLx Internal Here you’ll find the member exclusive area. This is where we track the progress on our project, where we discuss about future actions. Every week we have online a weekly meeting and if you are a member you are more than welcome to join!

  • Action Where we brainstorm, collaborate on ideas and announce future events, campaigns and actions. You are more than welcome to participate in the preparations and propose an event/campaign/action that you would like to make a reality or help others to do so.

  • News This category lists news articles and topics related (but not limited) to privacy, surveillance and freedom of expression.

  • Learn We share here learning and teaching resources about privacy and digital security.

  • Discuss A place to discuss the implications of privacy violations, discuss news articles, videos, films and other stuff.

Real time chat

In case you would like to chat with us and take part in our discussions. Please find all the available option to access our public chat channel here.

All PrivacyLx members can join our private chat channel, this usually happens upon registration please let us know if this is not the case.