Privacy Café @ MILL (Lisboa)

Imagem privacy-cafe-mill-nov2022

From young to old, experienced to absolute beginner, everyone can learn something new at the Privacy Café. You bring your own laptop, smartphone or tablet and let volunteers from civil rights organizations guide you on how to protect your data and devices.

Open door: The event will start at 3PM and will close at around 8PM. Participants won’t have to register. You can just show up at any time.

We’ll have multiple workshops, talks, conversations, and a film screening. Some will be in Portuguese and others in english, depending on the language of the speaker and the audience.

Parallel sessions (3PM-7PM)

Digital Security Basics - learn how you can protect youself online from data gathering campanies, hackers and other online threats.

Why privacy matters and how the law helps you - why is privacy fundamental for an open and democratic society? And what rights do you have to protect it?

Data Liberation and the Fediverse - how to get rid of facebook events? With a little technology and patience, we can liberate the data and make copies, from corporate platforms to the fediverse. Perhaps this overcome the critical-mass problem once and for all!

Talks (5PM-7PM)

Algorithm Analysis Personalisation algorithms have incredible power to distort perception of reality: but how do they work? how can we investigate them? an informative session to tell about the algorithms of Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, PornHub, Amazon.

Genetics in the Information Age - your DNA: how to read it and how to keep it private.

Movie Screening (7PM - 8PM)

We’ll be watching together the 2021 documentary Disappear - Cover your online tracks by Marc Meillassoux, the filmaker behind the Nothing to Hide documentary (2017).

Date: Saturday, November 19th, 2022
Time: 15:00 - 20:00
Place: MILL, Calçada do Moinho de Vento, 14B, 1150-236 Lisboa (map)

Do you want to be a volunteer and teach others about privacy in the next Privacy Café? That’s great! Please talk to one of the volunteers at the event or email PrivacyLx at