[Portuguese] Privacy cafe

NOTE: The event this time will be in Portuguese.

For any question you may email: francisco.core [at] protonmail.com

An informal meeting to learn and discuss how we can better protect our online privacy

At the privacy cafe, we’ll have an informal gathering where we learn and discuss how we can better protect our privacy and our loved one’s.

We’ll be talking about some practical tools you can use like the tor browser, browser extentions such as firefox containers, password managers, privacy respecting operating systems, how we can stop depending on google or facebook, but also other aspects that you might want to discuss.

no prior knowledge is required

Join us there!

When and Where?

Entrada livre - 12th April 2019 from 4:00pm às 5:45pm

Local: Biblioteca dos Corucheus | Rua Alberto de Oliveira, 1700-019 Lisboa, Portugal

Contact organizers

You may contact one of the organizers at francisco.core [at] protonmail.com

Image and concept credit

Credits to bits of freedom for the privacy cafe concept and logo

Materials used

We created a “menu” with some privacy tools to help guide the conversations. Get it here (8.0MB) Original files (Photoshop format): front back. You can edit them without photoshop online with photopea