Join us!

We are a non-profit association (officially Defend our Privacy Association, NIPC 515584550) and we want your help to defend privacy.

Our mission

We are a non-profit association focused on the defense of the digital privacy and security as fundamental rights for a free society through education, research and development of tools for safeguarding them.

Why join?

We organize events open to the general public or particular audiences where we teach the theory and practice of privacy and digital security through workshops, Privacy Cafés, blogs, discussions in our forum and online presentations. All this organized by members on a voluntary basis.

We are an association of varied skills and abilities. It is not needed to know technology, programming, digital security or related issues. Only the interest in promoting privacy as a Human Right.

  • Make your voice heard

    Above all, we are a democratic-based organization, made up of individuals passionate about the subject. This means that all decisions taken in the association are made with the following in mind next rule: all decided collectively. Each person in the association has a say in the measures we take, including decisions about events, funding, strategy, and a lot more.

  • Support our work

    Quotas are essential to support the organisation, to carry out workshops and other events for the general public

How can I join?

If you want to join our association, please first appear in our events or participate in forum !

And when you’re ready to join, send us an e-mail to expressing your interest in being a member. You will be sent a short form to fill out and and then you should wait for a response from the board. You will receive a reply within 15 days.


  • 25€/year or more - Regular quota
  • 12€/year or more - Under 26 years old

The funds are used to support the organization, conduct workshops and other events for the general public and their use will be decided democratically.

Note: A quota reduction may also be requested for others situations (by addressing a member of the board).

Rights and obligations

The rights and obligation of members are explain in our bylaws and internal regulation (in Portuguese).

Additional questions

Any additional questions are always welcome on our platforms communication or via our email contact[at]